Policy Reports & Working Papers

Policy Reports & Working Papers

Understanding Productivity Practices: A Review Report. Prepared for West of England Combined Authority/Local Enterprise Partnership (2019, with Kat Burger and James Risk) pdf

Scaling up or deepening? Developing the radical potential of the SSE sector in a time of crisis. United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on the Social and Solidarity Economy (2019, with Paul Chatterton, Ana Dinerstein and Peter North) link | pdf

The 'future' of work? A call for the recognition of continuities in challenges for conceptualising work and its regulation, Bristol Law Research Paper Series, School of Law, University of Bristol (2018, with Lydia Medland, Bridget Anderson, Katie Bales, Alan Bogg, Tonia Novitz, Julia O’Connell Davidson, and Peter Turnbull) link | pdf

Postcapitalism, Basic Income and the End of Work: A Critique and Alternative, Bath Papers in International Development and Wellbeing (2017, with Ana Dinerstein) link | pdf

Beyond Basic Income: Overcoming the Crisis of Social Democracy? Brussels: Foundation of European Progressive Studies (2017, with Lorena Lombardozzi and Neil Warner) link | pdf

Capital as Power in the Creative Industries: A Case Study of Freelance Creative Work in the Netherlands. Working Papers on Capital as Power (2016) link | pdf

Beyond the Fragment: The Postoperaist Reception of Marx’s Fragment on Machines and its Relevance Today. University of Bristol School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies Working Paper Series (2016) link | pdf

Promoting Labour Rights and Social Protection in Post-Crisis Europe. Brussels: Foundation of European Progressive Studies (2016, with Alex Adranghi, Pedro Cardoso, Isil Erdinc, Richard Penny and Piotr Plewa) link | pdf

Is Tower Hamlets Rich or Poor? Part 2: The economy, skills and opportunities. (2013, with Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission) link

Is Tower Hamlets Rich or Poor? Part 1: Poverty, income and employment. (2013, with Tower Hamlets Fairness Commission) link

The Political Agenda of the International Trade Union Movement (2012, with Global Labour Institute) link