Media, Commentary & Editorial

Media, Commentary & Editorial

What Does the Future of Work Look Like? Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus Blog (2019) link

SMart Solutions for the Self-Employed Beyond the British Way. Migration Mobilities Bristol Blog (2019) link | pdf

Introducing Student-as-Producer: A Bristol Perspective. Bristol Institute of Learning and Teaching Blog (2019) link | pdf

Making Claims on Value: Local and National Communities of the Productive. Futures of Work (2019, with Matt Bolton) link | pdf

Corbyn’s ‘rigged system’: campaign rhetoric or conspiracy theory? Jewish Chronicle (2019, with Matt Bolton) link

Abstract and Concrete Universals: Basic Services, Basic Infrastructure, Basic Income, Futures of Work (2018, with Lorena Lombardozzi) link | pdf

Corbyn Must Shake Off His Ideological Shackles And Tackle Brexit As It Actually Is, Not How He Wishes It Might Be, Huffington Post (2018, with Matt Bolton) link

To be a productive worker is not luck but misfortune, Futures of Work (2018, with Katie Bales and Huw Thomas) link | pdf

From the Future of Work to Futures of Work, Futures of Work (2018, with Katie Bales and Huw Thomas) link | pdf

Bullshit about jobs, RSA Blog (2018, with Paul Thompson) link | pdf

Marxism Revisited, Fabian Review (2018, with Jon Cruddas) link | pdf

Antisémitisme : le corbynisme doit changer sa vision du monde (2018, with Matt Bolton) link

To combat left anti-semitism, Corbynism must change the way it sees the world (2018, with Matt Bolton) link

The Point is Not to Change the World, But to Interpret it, Palgrave Perspectives Perspectives in Politics & International Studies (2018) link | pdf

Karl Marx, dead or alive – what legacy has he left behind? EFM Blog (2018) link | pdf

A new way of working for the self-employed- SMart, (2017, with Alex Bird, Lauren Crowley and Philip Ross) link | pdf

Why basic income alone will not be a panacea to social insecurity, LSE Politics & Policy Blog (2017, with Neil Warner and Lorena Lombardozzi) link | pdf

Perspectives for Open Labour: A Politics of Radical Pessimism. Open Labour (2017, with Paul Thompson) link | pdf

The rational kernel of Osbornomics? Labour can liberate the National Living Wage. Social Europe (2016) link

Can Corbynism claim the centre ground? Open Democracy (2016) link

Popular delusions: Corbynism constructs its people. Open Democracy (2016) link

Corbynism changes the centre, but can it convert it? Disclaimer Mag (2016) link

A post-work economy of robots and machines is a bad utopia for the left. The Conversation (2016, with Ana Dinerstein and Graham Taylor) link | pdf

Talking on the clock: Bristol's 'new factories'. The Bristol Cable (2016) link | pdf

'Flexibility works both ways': Bristol's zero-hours lifestyles. The Bristol Cable (2016) link | pdf

Five more years of this: Introduction to a post-election symposium. Tor: The Open Review of the Social Sciences (2015) link | pdf

To know whether we face a new dot com bubble, look at how we work and consume. The Conversation. (2014) link | pdf

“Something in all men profoundly rejoices at seeing a car burn”: Pure Expenditure against Production, TelosScope (2013) link | pdf

Neither Marx nor Smith: Baudrillard’s Critique of Productivism, TelosScope (2013) link | pdf

Mario Tronti’s Anti-Social Socialism, TelosScope (2012) link | pdf

Mario Tronti's Critique of Trade Unionism, TelosScope (2012) link | pdf

Escape by Approximation: The Contemporary Relevance of Marcuse's Conceptualization of Labor, TelosScope (2012) link | pdf

Work Sucks: Dead Labor in Smith, Ricardo, and Marx, TelosScope (2012) link | pdf