Book Reviews & Review Articles

Book Reviews & Review Articles

Creativity and Precarity, from New Labour to Alt-Labour: Angela McRobbie, Be Creative: Making a Living in the New Culture Industries and Nicole S Cohen, Writers’ Rights: Freelance Journalism in a Digital Age. Work Employment and Society (2018) link| pdf

The critique of political economy as a critical social theory: Werner Bonefeld, Critical Theory and the Critique of Political Economy. Capital & Class (2015) link | pdf

Review of Matthews & Smith Maguire, Cultural Intermediaries Reader. Cultural Trends (2015) link | pdf

Review of Shipp & Fried, Time and Work. Time & Society (2015) link | pdf

Review of Paul Mason, Postcapitalism. Marx & Philosophy Review of Books (2015) link | pdf

The critique of the equation and the phenomenology of production: Fredric Jameson, Representing Capital. Historical Materialism (2015) link | pdf

Review of Christian Lotz, The Capitalist Schema: Time, Money and the Culture of Abstraction. Marx & Philosophy Review of Books (2015) link | pdf

Review of Banks, Gill & Taylor, Theorizing Cultural Work: Labour, continuity and change in the cultural and creative industries. Cultural Trends (2014) link | pdf

Review of Kathi Weeks, Problem with Work. Work, Employment & Society (2014) link | pdf