Journal Articles & Book Chapters

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Social Form, Social Reproduction and Social Policy: Basic Income, Basic Services, Basic Infrastructure. Capital & Class (forthcoming, with Lorena Lombardozzi) link

Sonifying the Quantified Self: Rhythmanalysis and Performance Research In and Against the Reduction of Life-Time to Labour-Time. Capital & Class (forthcoming) link

Value Form Theory, Open Marxism & the New Reading of Marx. Open Marxism IV: Against a Closing World (forthcoming) link

Open Science and Open Innovation in Socio-Political Context: Knowledge Production and Societal Impact in an Age of Post-Truth Populism, R&D Management (with Palie Smart, Fiona Lettice, Sara Holmes, Greg Schwartz, Jeremy Zwiegelaar and Steve Evans) link | pdf

Liberalism and critical Marxism: A reply to Glasman and Rutherford. British Politics (with Matt Bolton) link | pdf

From post-work to post-capitalism? Discussing the basic income and struggles for alternative forms of social reproduction. Journal of Labor and Society (2018, with Ana Dinerstein) link | pdf

Corbynism and Blue Labour: post-liberalism and national populism in the British Labour Party. British Politics (2018, with Matt Bolton) link | pdf

Beyond the Fragment: postoperaismo, postcapitalism and Marx’s ‘Notes on machines’, 45 years on. Economy & Society (2018) link | pdf

A Crisis of Measurability? Critiquing Post-Operaismo on Labour, Value and the Basic Income. Capital and Class (2018) link | pdf

Creative labour, before and after ‘going freelance’: Contextual factors and coalition-building practices. The 'new normal' of working lives: critical studies in contemporary work and employment (2017) link | pdf

Corbynism’s conveyor belt of ideas: Postcapitalism and the politics of social reproduction. Capital and Class (2017, with Ana Dinerstein) link | pdf

Speenhamland, automation and the basic income: A lesson from history? Renewal: A Journal of Social Democracy (2017, with Lorena Lombardozzi and Neil Warner) link | pdf

Rhythms of Creativity and Power in Freelance Creative Work. Virtual Workers and the Global Labour Market (2016) link | pdf

Always Be Closing: Experiencing and theorizing time and wage in a UK call center. Tamara: Journal of Critical Organization Inquiry (2016) link | pdf

Form-giving fire: creative industries as Marx’s ‘work of combustion’ and the distinction between productive and unproductive labour. Reconsidering Value and Labour in the Digital Age (2015) link | pdf

Creative Industries, Value Theory and Michael Heinrich’s New Reading of Marx. tripleC:  Communication, Capitalism and Critique (2015) link | pdf

A hidden history: defining and specifying the role of the creative industries. Creative Industries Journal, (2015) link | pdf

Normalisation, exclusion, commensuration: work, economics and the possibilities of political economy. (2015) link | pdf

Creativity and the Commodity in the Automobile Industry. International Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries (2015) link | pdf

Follow the money? Value theory & social inquiry. Ephemera: theory & politics in organization (2014) link | pdf

Precariousness & the ‘end of salarization’ in the informational society. Lo Squaderno (2014) link | pdf

Time crisis: autonomist thought, the immaterial working day and the Dot.Com boom and bust. Sociologia Del Lavoro (2014) link | pdf

Labour-time in the Dot.Com bubble: Marxist approaches. Fast Capitalism (2014) link | pdf

 ‘A science to it’: flexible time and flexible subjectivity in the digital workplace. Work, Organisation, Labour and Globalisation (2013) link | pdf